Axe sheath creative hand on sheath before opening
Axe sheath creative beginning to open sheath
Axe sheath creative one hand opening the flap
Axe sheath creative sheath closed on axe laying on bench
Axe sheath creative in backpack walking to cabin
Axe sheath creative axe on kindling with sheath open
Axe sheath creative sheath closed on axe laying on bench with flap open
Axe sheath creative sheath off axe closed
Axe sheath creative sheath head down leaning against cabin

Trustin Timber x Homestead Brand Standard Trapper Axe Sheath

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Inspired by Trustin Timber's travels across the Yukon, Canada, and the Adirondacks, our trapper sheath provides full protection for your axe, unlike the small half sheaths that come with most new axes. Trustin noticed that many trappers preferred full sheaths to protect their axes, understanding the importance of maintaining a perfect edge. One trapper even remarked, "The best way to lose a friend is to let him borrow your axe," highlighting the necessity of proper protection.

A full sheath offers numerous benefits. It allows you to carry your axe in your pack without worrying about the metal rubbing a hole in your gear or damaging other items. Additionally, it prevents others from using your axe improperly and causing wear on the sheath and rivets, which can dull the blade over time.

While many trappers make their own sheaths, Homestead Brand brings that local craftsmanship to everyone. We take pride in preserving and protecting tools, offering a sheath that fits Trustin's preferred Husqvarna 26" Traditional Axe with a 2lb head, one of the best deals for axes today. Trust Homestead Brand to provide the protection your axe deserves.   

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