The three of us

Homestead Brand is a story of 3 families with common values: faith, family, and stewardship of the gifts and resources that have been given to us. We are fathers endeavoring to support our families by doing honest, hard, and fulfilling work–the type of work that you feel good telling your spouse and kids about after a long day.

Nathan Kromer had been running a small leather goods business while putting himself through college in Spokane, WA. Joey Roth was on a “beer league” hockey team with Grant Pemberton. Joey broke his ankle in a hockey games and was let go by the body shop he was working at due to his inability to work. Grant and Joey’s friendship had developed and once Joey’s ankle healed, he was hired in 2018 to work as a sewer at a boot company he (Grant) was managing. The next year, Nathan inquired about leather work at the same boot company and was hired as well. A friendship developed over common interests: faith, leather work, and thrifting. 

In September of 2023, Joey left the boot company due to scheduling concerns as his wife was going back to work after her maternity leave. Joey would be at home with his son and continue with with clothing repair from his basement.  Grant also resigned from the boot company in September after 7 years as the General Manager.  He wasn’t 100% sure about what he would do next, but he knew it was time to resign. He loved the leather boot trade and wanted to start a small leather goods business and to be more available to the needs of his family.  Belts, wallets, tote bags, and chainsaw bar covers were his primary interest. He didn't know all the details.  He just knew it would be a family affair from his home shop.  

Grant found the necessary tools and equipment to start producing small leather goods but was missing a key piece: a clicker press. He saw that Tyler and Teddi Cripps of Teddi Joelle were selling some equipment from their business on Facebook Marketplace. Grant reached out to Tyler to see about possibly renting their small clicker press as they were no longer producing their iconic leather bags under the Teddi Joelle brand. Tyler discouraged Grant from buying it as he thought it was a bit small for cutting larger pieces of leather. He encouraged Grant to get something a bit bigger. But after some thought, Tyler and Teddi came back to Grant with a different idea. Their clicker press actually worked perfectly for some of their smaller designs. They wouldn’t rent the clicker press out but they would sell it, along with several of their die sets that they had hung onto. They were fully transitioning out of the leather goods business, and Tyler needed to clear space from his shop to start his new excavation company. Grant got the clicker along with some amazing designs. Tyler and Teddi got space in their garage back. 

In August of 2023, Nathan had gone on paternity leave for the birth of his second child. As leave progressed, he realized the demands of a growing family and a very long commute weren’t ideal long term and it prompted Nathan to resign from the boot company.

Joey, Grant, and Nathan met and realized they were all seeking the same thing: a work environment which allowed them to, well, to be themselves, an environment which provided flexibility in order to prioritize the needs of their families, and a venture which would allow them to continue to work with leather.  In November a partnership was formed, and Homestead Brand was born.

What we are about

As experts in the quality leather goods market, we are dedicated to creating functional, heirloom products that only get better with time.

Image of man sewing leather goods.

At Homestead Brand, we specialize in making high-quality leather goods from USA leather sourced from several long standing American tanneries, ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability.

What sets us apart is our strong commitment to making our goods in the USA using as many USA-sourced materials as possible. We believe in supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of our economy.

Man labeling tooling in partial sun.

Inspired by the Sears Catalogs of the early 1900s, our goods embody simplicity and functionality. We believe that leather goods don't need to be overly complex or have too many options to be exceptional. Our focus is on creating products that serve their purpose flawlessly.

At Homestead Brand, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible experience. We strive to exceed expectations by delivering products that are built to last and offering exceptional customer service.

Join us on our journey as we continue to create timeless leather goods that accompany you on your life's adventures.

Where our profits go

The profits of Homestead Brand go equally to the three of us.  There are no silent partners, angel investors, or venture capitalists involved.  All the start-up costs have sacrifically come directly from us with the support of our spouses and families.  The profits from Homestead Brand go directly toward supporting the living expenses of three separate families: 6 adults and 8 children…and growing.

What you are supporting

When you purchase a product from Homestead Brand, you are supporting 3 families directly, the traditional leather goods trade, U.S.A. jobs, and your conscience: you don’t have to worry that you are supporting the exploitation of overseas labor.

How you benefit from purchasing from us

  • You know where your money is going: it’s going directly to us to support the needs of our respective families.  
  • You get some of the finest and timeless leather goods on the market. Truly, the stuff we make is pretty dang impressive.
  • You know that you are getting products made with our hands from real U.S.A. tanned leather. Not the kinda-sort “genuine leather” concoctions out there on the market. You will know it’s true leather goodness the second you open the package!